Sound System & Entertainment

  • Multi rooms audio

With Domotica plus, one touch of a button gives everyone in the home access to their favorite music where they want it from one centralized system. Simultaneously, Mom enjoys her favorites in the kitchen while the kids rock out in the basement.


When it’s party time, one touch delivers your favorite play list of music throughout the entire home – even out to the patio, deck and pool.

It’s entertainment like never before.

  • Video Distribution systems

Also, We Make movie watching an incredible realistic experience allowing different satellite television channels to be viewed from any TV in the house.

Sharing streaming video and viewing in-house and outdoor cameras… all of these from your TV is now a reality.


  • Home Cinema


Home cinema, also commonly called home theater, refers to home entertainment systems that reproduce a movie theater experience and mood, with the help of video and audio equipment in your private home.


System users typically use a large LED TV or projected image over a screen, and the audio is improved with surround speakers and subwoofers