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Domotica Plus – for private homes

Smart Homes & Home Automation


A well thought-out control system for your home makes life easier for the whole family and helps to increase comfort. In order to maximize the possibilities we bundle different electrical appliances in the house together using smart and useful methods.

Instead of walking from room to room to switch lights on/off, set thermostats, curtains, TV and music equipment, it is possible to control everything from the same panel(s) and be controlled from any place in the property. The control panels can be wireless or mounted in walls.

Temperature and climate control results in energy saving. The property will have a more aesthetical look with fewer light switches, panels and thermostats on the walls.

Whole House

Here are some examples of control possibilities:

  • Lights, music system, TV, heating, air-conditioning, curtains, blinds and gas fireplaces.
  • Swimming pool circulation-pumps and garden irrigation systems.
  • Automatic checking that the oven and iron are switched off, and that the front door is locked and windows are closed.
  • Home surveillance with warnings sent to your security company, and to you via SMS.
  • Remote control of heating, lighting and camera surveillance of your holiday home.


  • Latest news headlines, stock market information, transport timetables, current weather info, etc
  • Order pizza, taxi or DVD on demand
  • With the press of one single button, pre-defined email or text message can be sent. For example “I’m now home from school. Emily.” Also, virtual yellow “sticky notes” that the whole family can see from any panel.

Create scenarios for the whole house

User-friendliness is further increased by pre-programmed scenarios for Night, Day, Holiday and Weekend:

  • Night Example: Adjust temperature to 25 degrees, switch off audio/video, switch off most lights but leave the lights in the hall and bathroom on at 60% brightness. Automatically check that the gas fireplace, oven and iron are switched off.
  • Morning Example: At 6AM the temperature goes back to 24 degrees and at 7AM you are woken up with Good morning Egypt Breakfast TV”.

Create scenarios for a single room

Scenarios can be created for each room individually:

  • Lighting examples: Full Lighting, Romantic Lighting, Reading Lighting, Dinner Lighting, etc.
  • Home cinema examples: DVD player, Surround receiver, TV or projector switches on in DVD mode, some lights dim to 60%, others to 40%, the blinds and projector screen roll down.
  • Turn on TV scenario: The equipment switches itself to TV mode, the lights dim to 70%, and curtains open to 50%.

….these are just some of the possibilities made possible with Domoticaplus.

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